Children Of The Most Wanted Parents Of All Time


#1 Baby Girl Bundy

Ted Bundy confessed to over 30 murders between 1974 and 1978 while on death row after being convicted of necrophilia, rape, serial killing, and kidnapping. During the sentencing portion of the trial, an admirer of the monster, Carole Ann Boone, testified on his behalf. Bundy interrupted the court proceedings and asked Boone to be his wife, and she accepted.

#2 Ted Bundy Married At Sentencing

According to Florida State law at the time, Bundy simply declaring to the judge that they were married made it legal and official. Boone began visiting Bundy on Death Row and other inmates would pool their resources together to get enough money for the couple to bribe prison guards to let them enjoy conjugal visits.

#3 Boone Changed Her Identity

The visits resulted in Boone giving birth to a baby girl in 1982. However, after Bundy finally confessed to the murders, Boone left the state and went back to Washington with her daughter. She changed her name and refused Bundy’s final call before execution, stating that she felt betrayed. Bundy’s anonymous daughter’s name is unknown and it is assumed that she is living a peaceful and private life.

#4 Raghad Hussein

Raghad Hussein is the daughter of former Iraqi president and dictator Saddam Hussein. She has openly pledged her loyalty to ISIS and her latest endeavor is designing and making jewelry that she sells to support the terrorist organization. She says her jewelry line is inspired by her father as well as her deceased husband who her father had killed. She is known in the Middle East as ‘Little Saddam’ and sells her pieces for thousands of dollars in Jordan.

#5 Kim Ju-Ae

Kim Ju-Ae is the toddler daughter of North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un, who comes from a very long line of some of the most evil leaders the country has ever seen. Kim Jong-Un became the leader after bypassing his older brother who lost his position after illegally trying to enter Japan to visit Disney Tokyo.

#6 Dennis Rodman Confirmed The Birth

After Kim Jong-Un came into power he got rid of all the military officials who were loyal to his father, Kim Jong-Il, as well as senate officials including his own brother. Rumors that the leader had a child began after she was spotted looking very pregnant by an unauthorized photographer. Would be sports entertainer Dennis Rodman, who visits the country often, actually let the name of the baby girl slip, after a trip to visit his pal, dictator Kim Jong-Un.

#7 Omar Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden, the founder of Al Queda, had around 25 children from multiple women. His fourth oldest son, Omar, has had a tough life trying to be a loving son and a reasonable world citizen. For example, while he does not believe his father’s actions of September 11 were right, he understands where he was in his thinking and believes his father only wanted to bring peace to Muslims.

#8 He Believes In His Father

The last time Omar had contact with his father Osama Bin Laden, was between 2000 and 2001, and Omar says he wants to be an ambassador of peace and not hate. However, he has also said that if his father were alive, he would aid him and hide him because he is family and is not a bad guy.

#9 Melissa Moore

Melissa is the daughter of Keith Jesperson, also known as The Happy Face Killer. He killed at least eight women in the early 1990s then included smiley faces written in their own blood at the scene of the murders. He then sent the media letters with the smiley faces on them, leaving clues to his crimes.

#10 The Happy Face Killer

When Melissa was told by her mother who her father was, she was mortified and went into hiding. After meeting her future husband, Sam, and telling him who her father was, he persuaded her to come out of hiding from the past, prompting her to write the book about the events called Shattered Silence. She later became an advocate to the relatives of her father’s victims. She forgives her father for being absent but not for the grisly murders he has committed.

#11 Li Min & Li Na

Li Min and Li Na are the daughters of Mao Zedong, the founding father of The Peoples Republic Of China and a controversial political figure who was responsible for the deaths of millions of his countrymen. Zedong had a total of 10 children, but the others all met grisly fates including one being sent to a labor camp and others being abandoned by their mother, Zedong’s third wife.

#12 The Special Children Of Zedong

Li Min and Li Na were considered ‘special’ by their parents and both of the communist leader’s daughters followed their father into political careers.

#13 Akihito

Akihito is the reigning Emperor of Japan, a position he inherited from his father, Hirohito. Hirohito was the emperor from 1926 to 1989, meaning he was the person who oversaw the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Nanjing massacre that killed over 300,000 people, killed every Chinese prisoner of war and ordered the rape of 200,000 women. Since becoming the Emperor, Akihito has been doing everything possible to undo his father’s wrongs and even worked to reduce the royal family’s power in the country.

#14 Jean-Marie Loret

Though not officially confirmed, research has shown that Jean-Marie Loret is the illegitimate son of the world’s worst terrorist, Adolph Hitler. While Hitler was serving in the German military and stationed in France, he met a young woman by the name of Charlotte Labjoie and the two had a relationship that resulted in the birth of Jean-Marie in 1918. It wasn’t until 1948 while on her deathbed, that Charlotte revealed the horrifying truth about Jean-Maries father.

#15 Evil Dictators Son?

After learning that the German Dictator was his father, Jean-Marie worked tirelessly to prove his heritage up to his death in 1985. The University Of Heidelberg determined that he was the son of Adolph Hitler based on the fact that they had the same blood type and had the same handwriting. While controversial, the theory is very interesting. German officials refuse to allow a DNA test to be performed to prove the fact.


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